Investment as a Service

Investment process and fund services

Investment process scope is usually restricted to investment decisions. At Vidal Capital our aim is to be effective in term of investment allocation and cost. We extend the scope to embrace the all investment supply-chain (from investment decision to operations going through trading and regulation). By doing so we avoid usual pitfalls of cost multiplication and ad-hoc analytics. Clients are ensured to be efficiently invested from a cost, regulatory, asset allocation and risk control point of view.

Investment advisors and family offices can rely on our process to efficiently serve their clients.

Cryptoasset investment

Cryptoasset investing is challenging. The valuation is complex and no form of consensus has been reached for the moment. A correct assessment of cryptocurrency risks needs an observation of the market from a different angle. Cryptocurrencies crystallize, in the same product, financial concepts (payment, financing and investments) on the one hand, and on other IT related concepts (decentralized network and security management). In this difficult market, Vidal Capital can help you in the search of clarity. We have already developed:

  • an innovative risk framework (the DNotches)
  • markets analytics
  • successful investment strategies

If you are a potential investor or you are looking for investment advices, we would be happy to help you.

Our philosophy

Expertise and technology is the future

We fully embrace technology. We see technology as an invaluable tool to further develop our expertise. Technology reinforces the expert value in the investment supply-chain. We maintain a strong interaction between our Tier 3 and Tier 2 backbones to ensure that we focus on what matters for our clients.

Intellectual honesty, integrity and transparency

At Vidal Capital we believe that long-term business cannot develop without strong intellectual honesty, integrity and transparency. Our robust innovative services are built around these fundamental values.

Publications & Research

Note on blockchain structure and scalability

Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA are representatives of the Blockchain ecosystem. This brief note analyzes the evolution of the Blockchain technology infrastructure through the analysis of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

Primer on cryptocurrency valuation and rating

Cryptocurrencies are getting increasing attention, generating a high volume of articles and passionate debates among detractors and supporters. Investors require a pragmatic and emotionless approach. We have developed an innovative valuation framework (the DNotches), inspired by contingent capital analysis approach and adapted to the specificity of cryptocurrencies. The aim of this article is to bring a coherent risk methodology.